Cross, Sinclair & Novotny prepares or assists clients to lodge the required Business Activity Statements (BAS) for their business. The BAS accounts for GST on business income and expenses and is required to be lodged quarterly or annually with the ATO. GST (Goods & Services Tax) is a tax on most goods and services subject to certain exclusions. This means that most businesses will be required to pay GST on their sales income in addition to being able to claim back GST on eligible expenses.

We make lodging BAS Statements and meeting Tax Office requirements easy

At Cross, Sinclair & Novotny offers a full service with regards to GST and preparing BAS statements. We can derive information from your accounting system and fully prepare and lodge the BAS with the ATO.

We save you the time by preparing your BAS allowing you to focus on your business. We also save you the stress of getting the BAS wrong and having to answer tough questions from the Australian Taxation Office.

Alternatively, we provide training to help you develop a system that will easily allow you to prepare your BAS and lodge it with the ATO.

Accounting for GST shouldn’t be hard and with our help we will can help you lodge your BAS without any worry.

Don’t miss out by paying too much GST

We help clients effectively manage their GST liability by ensuring that they have correctly claimed all legal entitlements to GST on their business activity statement.

Clients sometimes forget to claim GST on expenses and that’s where we will ensure that your GST is calculated correctly so that you are not overpaying any GST liability.

Get your BAS Statements & GST right so you don’t have to deal with the ATO

GST is applicable to many items. However there are also many goods and services that are exempt from GST. GST exempt items include certain foods, health services and government charges. Stamp duties are also exempt from GST. This can create complications for many businesses.

Cross, Sinclair & Novotny will reviews and advises clients on what items are exempt from GST so that that clients can be certain their BAS is prepared correctly. That way clients can be confident they will not have to worry about GST audit reviews by the ATO.

About Cross Sinclair & Novotny

Cross Sinclair & Novotny provides a complete range of professional accounting and taxation services to all types of businesses, superannuation funds and individuals. With over 30 years’ experience in providing accounting and taxation services, Cross Sinclair & Novotny provides a personalised and professional service together with quality advice. Cross Sinclair & Novotny are based at Hillarys in the northern suburbs of Perth and provide services to surrounding suburbs including, Whitfords, Kallaroo, Sorrento, Padbury, Craigie, Mullaloo, Woodvale, Kingsley, Duncraig, Beldon, Heathridge and Ocean Reef through to Perth.

“In the 15 years as a client the team at Cross, Sinclair & Novotny have always provided us with an efficient, reliable and professional service, I would not hesitate to recommend them.”

Duro MargareticDirector, Luan Holdings Pty Ltd

“For over 20 years as a client Cross, Sinclair & Novotny have always met our lodgement obligations with the ATO whilst providing a professional and friendly service.”

Peter EvansDirector, Evco Eng Pty Ltd

“In working with the team at Cross, Sinclair & Novotny I have always appreciated their professionalism and practical approach to meeting my tax and business obligations. I am a very satisfied client and am happy to recommend their services to anyone.”

Don SmithDirector, Whitehall Securities Pty Ltd

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